Majura Football Club thanks our sponsors for their support.

Roadway Mufflers

Sponsors Wanted!

Majura Football Club seeks to engage community minded businesses to partner with us in our sponsorship program. If you are a business or individual who is interested in supporting the club please contact the Majura Football Club president.

What Sponsorship Provides

All sponsorship funds go directly towards player development, to developing and educating coaches and to encouraging active player participation at all ages and levels. This includes:

  1. Ages 6-9 - Subsided Coerver programs (the worlds' No. 1 soccer skills program);
  2. Engagement of a Football Technical Director who:
    • for Ages 10-11 works with players on skills acquisition;
    • for Ages 10-12 works with players and coaches to build skills; and
    • for Ages 12-18 works with coaches and players in a targeted manner as required.
  3. Running Grassroots (FFA introductory) coaches courses; and
  4. Subsidisation of coaches' costs for accredited FFA coaching courses.